Why I Love Voice Actors

There is a voice behind every animated character and every video game NPC, but it’s hard to take notice of the talent behind the animation. This is actually a good thing — it means that the voice actor is doing their job. All this aside, do you ever stop and think about the voice actor? How many times have you heard the same person and in how many different things? How often do you realize the talent and skill that goes into voice acting? I am always blown away by the capabilities of voice artists. They just don’t get the credit or recognition they truly deserve.

Last year, I started watching a web show called Critical Role. This show is basically just a bunch of nerdy voice actors playing a tabletop RPG game. Before watching, I could name only two voice actors. Nolan North and, my favorite, Laura Bailey. Though, when I started watching, I quickly recognized another voice from a video game. It was a little odd. At first, I could only hear the character when he spoke. Now, however, I bet that if I were to replay the game, I would only hear Liam O’Brien. I have been given the face behind the voice and instead of ruining my experience, it is only increasing my respect for voice actors. Especially with hearing the DM, Matt Mercer. The DM, or the Dungeon Master, is the one that keeps the story on track. He’s also the voice of every NPC, enemy, and even a pet bear. Watching this show, I have heard this one man speak in many different accents. He’s pitched his voice higher and lower with every growl of a dragon or grunt of a bear.

Most of the time when we think of actors, we picture the ones in front of cameras. The ones we recognize just by looking at them. We hardly ever think about the ones who spend most of their time in a recording studio behind a microphone. Voice acting isn’t easy. I have a little experience with it. You might not need to focus on what your face or body is doing, but every thought goes into how to pitch your voice, what word needs to be emphasized, and making sure you don’t sound emotionless. Don’t get me wrong, I love voice acting. In fact, I could see myself doing a lot of it. But there’s nothing easy about it.

Without them, we wouldn’t have the characters we know and love.

Next time you play a video game or watch something with a recorded voice, think of the actor behind it. Think about their time spent behind the microphone making sure you get a great experience. Think about how, without them, the character wouldn’t have a voice. These people are important. They’re talented and they deserve just as much recognition as any other actor. Without them, we wouldn’t have the characters we know and love. It is because of voice actors, because of their talents and skills that they have decided to share with us, that make a character great.

Video production school attendee Evan!Julia Kelso,18, was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She’s an aspiring producer, writer, director who grew up involved in theatre and now attends Center For Creative Media, a Christian Film School. In addition to being a strong supporter of the arts, Julia is a left-handed, right-minded, introvert living in a right-handed, left-minded, extroverted world.

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