The Process of Filmmaking [Infographic]

Filmmaking is a lot more complicated than it looks. There’s the concepting, writing, casting, location scouting, dealing with the actors, shooting, editing, visual effects, and releasing. That’s just a fraction of the big picture when it comes to filmmaking. Last year CANAL+ came out with some humorous flowcharts on how to make different types of films.

My favorite one is the Short Film Flowchart because it most accurately represents the experience any D-I-Y filmmaker has in the process.

Although funny, these flowcharts do reveal how complicated film making is, and the many choices you encounter to make it in the industry, but isn’t that part of the fun of the whole film making process?

What is your favorite flowchart? Post in the comments below.

Christian film school Center for Creative Media’s resident Canadian and techie, Bradyn Litster, knows just about everything about everything. A jack of all trades from camera to editing, and graphics to audio. On top of his production knowledge, Bradyn’s personality of “calm, cool, and collected” makes him what we call in the business “silent but deadly.”

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