The Lie of Perfection: A Young Actress’s Journey

Let’s take a look at the odds for a moment.

Sofie was young, just seventeen years old. She had never attended a single acting class before. One would have said she was out of her league. Over her head.

But, you know what? That didn’t stop her from successfully playing a lead character in a short film within a theater event that played in over 500 theaters across North America.

Here’s the thing. All over the world, in the dog-eat-dog industry of professional acting, everyone searches for perfection. People believe the lie that perfection exsists; living in a twisted paradise. This often holds dreamers back from living out their full potential. Those small sparks to pursue a career in cinematic storytelling are quickly extinguished, discouraged by the pressure for something “more real” than life.

That’s where the Center for Creative Media comes in like a breath of fresh, crisp air. It is a place that kindles those sparks. It yells, “Do something with your life!” An enviroment that educates you to be raw, determined and bold; assuring you that while perfection does not exist, excellence does.

Sofie faced multiple struggles with her character in the short film. For starters, the character she had to portray was struggling with the very same things she was. Along with being challenging, it was frightening. It required a good effort to keep herself from crossing any dangerous mental and emotional lines while filming. In CCM, she had tremendous support from her staff leaders. She was provided resources to aid her throughout. After much script reading and preparation, she displayed her troubled character on screen, going on to touch many people all over America.

Maybe Sofie didn’t meet the “normal” standards required to pursue an acting career, maybe she didn’t have what other successes had. But what she did have was authenticity, creativity, and utter determination. She came in to the Center for Creative Media with that and from there was catapulted to pursue her dream. She worked hard. She sweat, she cried. She laughed and she flourished. Despite her age and her lack of experience, she was emboldened to race as hard as she could; pressing on to reach that supposedly untouchable lifestyle of bringing people’s words to life by her own creativity and humanity.

Ever thought about grabbing your dreams by the script like Sofie did? Don’t wait! Your time is here and now! We would be more than honored to help you! We are accepting applications now for our next internship, January 9th. Click here to get the camera rolling!

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