My First Time On Set As A Producer

I love being on set.

In high school I was in theatre, and being on set was always one of my favorite parts of putting on a production. Sitting backstage, watching the actors go from rehearsing on an empty stage to performing on opening night would give me a sense of satisfaction. Since coming to CCM in the fall, I haven’t really gotten the chance to be on a set. Though I have worked on many projects, they have either already been shot, or made entirely of graphics. I started to really miss it. Then I was made the producer of a video that finally allowed me to take an active role on set. The feeling of satisfaction returned.

We didn’t build a set. We didn’t rehearse for weeks. There were no special costumes or props. However, I did write the script. We did decorate the area we shot it and we practiced. We even had to do a 30-second shot to make sure the style worked for the piece. In it, the actor moved around a lot while the director of photography, who had a Steadicam strapped on, followed him. It was so much fun to constantly move around with them so I wouldn’t get in the frame. It’s moments like that which makes working in film so much fun.

When we were actually shooting the full piece, I was an extra on set. I pretty much just sat down in front of a laptop the whole time. Since the actor had blocking down and I had already given him notes, I got to just sit there and make it look like I was working on something. So I wrote. I started working on a story of mine during each shot, and when it was done I would take a look, give my thoughts, and do it again or move on to the next part. It was a lot of fun. I haven’t really had a whole lot of experience as a leader in the past, but every time I am one, I always feel amazing. Especially when I know what I’m doing, which I was quickly learning that I did.

Being on a film set might not be the same as being backstage during a play, but I still get the same sense of satisfaction.

Being on a film set might not be the same as being backstage during a play, but I still get the same sense of satisfaction. Since then, I’ve had to recast and am now going to have to reshoot, but I’m choosing to look on the bright side. I get to be on set again. The first time was practice. This time, I’m going in with more experience. I just know that I’m going to leave feeling even more satisfied than I ever have been before.

Video production school attendee Evan!Julia Kelso,19, was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She’s an aspiring producer, writer, director who grew up involved in theatre and now attends Center For Creative Media, a Christian Film School. In addition to being a strong supporter of the arts, Julia is a left-handed, right-minded, introvert living in a right-handed, left-minded, extroverted world.

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