There are a lot of different hungers one can experience. The hunger of our guts, when our stomachs grumble from emptiness. Spiritual hunger, which reminds us of the importances of feeding ourselves as christians and not depending on our Sunday service to keep us full for the entire week. The hunger for human interaction. To feel that connection, when you laugh with someone or express something internal, holding eye contact and having the feeling that they understand. That you are not alone.

I grew up feeling like no one understood me, that kids my age didn’t view life like I did. Eventually though, I found the wonderful world of theatre and the exquisite art of acting. I will never forget the moment when I discovered my talent, and how it felt to be surrounded by a group of people who embraced the weird, embraced all aspects of life, and didn’t try to fit into this image showing only 10% of their true selves, the moment when I began to connect with them through this craft.

A breakthrough moment for me, was when for the first time I not only created a connection with someone on stage, but did so as my character. I have always felt this ball of fire that burned within while I acted onstage, but that fire would always bolt out into the audience and then back within myself. It never flowed between myself and another actor until my first lead role in high school. The genuine passion I felt when I acted with this friend of mine (who, by the way, was a brilliant actor) changed my entire perspective on acting. The difference between acting with him, and acting with everyone else I had acted with before then, was that we fed into each other. In that moment, we we’re both totally immersed in the interaction, creating a genuine connection like humans normally do, but on stage, and as different people. It was a beautiful experience.

Now, later on in my life, making the transition from theatre to film has not been as drastic as I thought it would be. Yes there are many differences when it comes to performance styles, but that raw human connection can be even more relevant and intense when it comes to film.

A recent did an exercisehere at CCM with a fellow actor and friend of mine where two wannabe actresses are waiting to audition for the same part. The energy that was flowing while we rehearsed and filmed, the connection and metaphorical food she fed me as we were acting this scene was brilliant and all it was the result of a spontaneous scene we decided to do in the spur of the moment. As an actor, you have a duty to feed the other individual that you are interacting with.

The humiliation and ignorance she made me feel caused me to embrace my character and her naiveté. Your soul hungers constantly, how we chose to feed it is the result of our character, our attitude, the strength of our talents given to us and the desire to love our God and those that surround us.

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