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A while back, I had the opportunity to create part of the event open for the Greater New York Acquire the Fire. There were four pieces that comprised the open, two of them being video backgrounds paired supporting two song performances by a live choir and band. My song was “Champion,” by Amante Lacey, which from the beginning concept to the final product took about two weeks to create. Below you can see some of the inspirational images and initial sketches I used to help develop the style of the piece, placed next to screen shots from the final video. At the bottom, you’ll be able to see the final version of the video matched to a recording of the song.

Below is an example of the layering that’s present through much of the video production. Between the flares, the building shapes and textures, and city and film clutter overlays, I was able to settle on a visual style that I really liked.

The idea of the final section of the video was to create a lot of space and perspective that would differentiate itself from the rest of the piece, while at the same time avoiding repetition or unnecessary additions. It helped to add a note of finality and let well into the last few seconds when the film clutter overtakes the screen.

Check out the final video below, hope you enjoy & don’t forget to leave any comments below of your thoughts or questions!

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