7 Reasons to Work in the Film Industry

If you’re like me, there has probably been a moment in your life where you thought about working in the film industry. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to? Here are seven reasons why you should work in the film industry.

1. There is a ton of opportunity and diversity in the film industry

For me, this is one of the biggest reasons why I chose to pursue the film industry. I have a passion for everything from makeup and fashion, to producing and cinematography. In the film and production, you aren’t limited to just one category. There are so many jobs in pre-production, on set, and post-production that the average Joe doesn’t even know about — like a grip or a closed captioner — these are real jobs that real people do that are very important in film and television. Making a movie just doesn’t take a director, some actors, and a cameraman. There is a huge team of people to make a successful movie.


2. You get paid to be creative

Most creative people express their creativity through an array of different hobbies. In production, you get to make your hobbies into a career. Work is a place full of like-minded creatives, typically, and you get to enjoy what your daily tasks are, or at least what your task contributes to . Not only do you get to enjoy creating, but you get paid to do it.

3. You get to travel

The opportunity to travel on the job should be no surprise. Very few locations have every single look needed to make a complete set. Sometimes you need to film in a small town in the south, and sometimes the shots call for a big city like New York. The ability to travel and see the world while on the job isn’t an opportunity that everyone gets to experience.

7 Reasons

4. You get to network with a ton of people

With potential traveling and working on several different projects (a typical lifestyle for someone in the business), you tend to meet a lot of people. These relationships are actually so important in the film industry. Relationships with key people might be the reason you land a specific job.

5. You have the opportunity to influence others

There is no secret that media is one of the major influences on society, if not the biggest. people are often inspired by movies they have seen on the big screen, as well as many other mediums. It’s cool to think about how something you helped create could impact people’s lives; however, you have to make a conscious effort to use this opportunity for good.  If I made a film that impacted just one person’s life for the better, that’s enough for me to want to continue to influence others positively.

6. Everyday is different“Production is unpredictable” is a common thing you hear around the studio.  And man, that is definitely true! Film and television is no 9-5 job, and some days start earlier and some days end late. But with that, you never feel that every day is the same feeling you get with a normal job. In the film industry, you may be on one job doing this, and you are doing something completely different the next. It definitely doesn’t get boring.

7. You have fun at work!

I often hear about people who do not enjoy their jobs, because over the years, it has become monotonous. Doing what you love to do in your free time as a profession has a significant impact on how you enjoy your job. I mean, how often do you get to dance in a studio with kids, in front of a camera, singing a Katy Perry song? Working in the film industry is fun because of points 1-6.


Video production school attendee Evan!Nikki Riehle is a 19-year-old from the cornfields of Indiana. She is an aspiring predimatographor (producer, editor, cinematographer), and an apprentice at the Center for Creative Media.

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