4 Ways To Incorporate Creativity Into Everyday

As a creative, it can sometimes feel like I can only function when I’m engaging in creative tasks all the time, but sometimes life gets in the way where days, or even weeks go by without creativity being incorporated in my everyday life. Here are some ways to incorporate creativity into your day to inspire you for when time is available.

1. Watch inspirational content during down time.

Many times during my work day, or even at home where I have a free minute, I stop to watch an inspirational creative video. Whether that be a DIY on Youtube or a short story on Vimeo, it’s just enough to ignite my creative spark to get me going until I have my own opportunity to be creative.

2. Read more.

Although this is not my favorite way to incorporate creativity in my day, this is a great way for those book savvy people out there who love to be inspired by stories and characters. This doesn’t just apply to books either, you could read creative magazines or articles that show you how to do creative things step-by-step.

3. Use an adult coloring book.

You may not have heard about the new trend of adult coloring books, but they are hitting the shelves of most every bookstore. This is an awesome way for you to be creative during the day because it doesn’t take a lot of effort and can be stopped and started all at different time. Plus, it is said to be very therapeutic.

4. Set goals. Do things you love.

For some people, there are many creative things they enjoy doing, and for others there may only be a few, but it is important to be inspired by different mediums — always continue to do what you enjoy so you don’t lose those interests and skills. If you like to knit, set a goal to knit something every week. If you like to make videos start a goal of making a really great video every month. This will help you push yourself and can even make you grow as a creator.

Video production school attendee Evan!Nikki Riehle is a 19-year-old from the cornfields of Indiana. She is an aspiring predimatographor (producer, editor, cinematographer), and an apprentice at the Center for Creative Media.

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