3 Reasons Why I Love Disney’s Tangled

As a young girl, I adored Disney princess movies. I dreamed of being like the gorgeous princesses with long, flowy dresses and shimmering hair embarking on adventures and conquering bad guys. I loved believing that there was a “happily ever after” and that eventually, everything would work out for the better. In fact, I am still a huge sucker for Disney movies and I probably always will be.

There’s one princess movie, though, that I find most gratifying, and that is Disney’s Tangled. Tangled is an absolute tangle, (pardon the pun), of everything that makes a great princess movie. It has a gorgeous princess, a daring adventure, loveable characters, an amazing soundtrack and of course, a love story. But what is about this movie that makes it unique to so many other princess movies? Allow me to explain why I believe that Tangled is such an amazing and exceptional movie, and is my favorite princess movie to this date.

1. The princess heroine takes part in the adventure.


Though I love princess movies, one thing, in particular, bothers me about the majority of them — the princess doesn’t usually partake in the actual adventure. If I was a princess, I’d want to fight alongside Prince Charming, not wait to be rescued! Plus, what’s a better bonding experience than crushing bad guys together? I love that in Tangled, Rapunzel is as much a part of the adventure as Flynn Rider, in fact, she even saves his life a couple of times. Through the quest we see their relationship go from strangers, to partners, to friends and eventually to more than friends, and we get to experience the changes as it happens.

2. The whole storyline isn’t solely revolved about finding “true love.”


Something else I find unique about Tangled is that it doesn’t revolve around a love story, on the contrary, the initial plot isn’t about love at all. The story is much more than that. The movie is about Rapunzel chasing after her dreams knowing what she wants in life and having the courage to step outside her comfort zone and fight for it. It also has the inspiring and relatable theme of Rapunzel wanting to know who she is and discovering herself — something we all relate to on some level. The love story that happens between her and Flynn Rider is just the icing on the cake, the piece that ties it all together, but isn’t the main focus of the film.

The movie also doesn’t have the characters fall in love at first sight. It’s a slow, natural process that happens as they get to know each other and discover the quirks and uniqueness about each’s personalities. By love not being the main focus, and by it not happening right away, I honestly find the story to be much more believable and far more satisfying.

3. Rapunzel’s character is extremely well-balanced and wonderfully written.


Being a female is like being a two-sided coin. On one hand, we are soft, girly and all the things that is commonly shown in a classic princess movie, but on the other, we are kick-butt and as tough as nails when we need to be. Unfortunately, the makers of princess films often only portray one side of the coin. This is sad because it takes so much away from both the sensitive and warrior side of females. I love the way Disney portrayed Rapunzel’s character.

Many times in the movie we see the soft, girly, dreamy side of her personality that longs to find herself and discover what the floating lights are located. It’s easy to see that she has a tender heart and relates to little girls who want to chase their dreams as well. We also see the ferocious, brave, and adventurous side of her as well when she threatens Flynn Rider with a pan, or stands up to the rough guys at the tavern who are threatening Flynn Rider. She is definitely not a pushover or willing to let anyone stand in her way of pursuing her dreams. Disney does an amazing job of creating a loveable, well-balanced character that not only steals the heart of the animated character, Flynn Rider, but the hearts of Disney fans all over.

Video production school attendee Evan!Christine Roe is a 20-year-old Digital Marketing apprentice at The Center for Creative Media, who also enjoys editing, photography, and writing. She is from the hockey-loving, maple syrup drinking, ice-cold land of Canada — though ironically hates both hockey and snow. Christine’s long-term goal is to become a missionary and using her gifts and abilities to draw people closer to God.

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